Airlines, hotels and car agencies have all discovered that people are more likely to spend with a particular brand if they have loyalty perks and discounts.

For this reason, they try to make elite status available to frequent travelers through a variety of methods.

Earning segments, points, nights, rentals & minimum spend thresholds are not the only legitimate ways to attain elite status.

1: Employers & clubs.

Did you know that many airlines, hotel chains and car agencies sell elite status in bulk to corporations and clubs as a way to get new customers?

If your employer offers travel perks or you have membership at a travel-related club, check your benefits. You may have access to free elite status perks that have been negotiated for you at your favorite airline, hotel brand, or car rental agency.

2: Status matches.

If you currently have elite status with any travel brand, you can contact a competing brand and ask if they will match your status.

While are not typically advertised, status match programs exist at most airlines, hotel brands, and car rental agencies. You could be granted elite status instantly as competing brands fight for your business.

3: Buy elite status.

In the same way that airlines let you buy miles, some let you buy elite status for a flat fee.

United and American Airlines, for example, both offer select members an opportunity to pay a flat fee to upgrade their status.

This is the way the travel industry is going.

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