How it works

Our corporate travel management partners purchase airfare in bulk from airlines, focusing on business and first class fares. Airlines provide bulk discounts, so the price of each ticket is much lower than booking directly through the airline.

We pass the savings from these bulk ticket purchases on to you.

Customer story

Susan G., a Cobalt Corporate Travel customer, booked a round-trip flight from Washington, DC to Paris in Air France business class for herself and her husband.

Susan would've paid $5,554 per ticket to book directly with Air France. Our price was $3,076 — meaning Susan saved $2,478 per ticket.

Which tickets are eligible?

Only business and first class tickets can be booked because airlines offer the best bulk discounts on these fares — up to 60% off the retail price. Because airlines do not offer meaningful discounts for economy class tickets, they cannot be booked.

Most flight routes can be booked, but the best discounts come on international and long-haul domestic routes. We're always happy to check pricing for you on any route.

Is it the same as booking directly with the airline?

It's identical! The only difference is, on tickets booked through us, you won't accrue frequent flyer miles. That's because when airlines sell tickets in bulk to our travel management partners, the prices are dramatically lowered on the condition that passengers can't earn frequent flyer miles on those tickets. The money you save vastly offsets any unearned frequent flyer miles!

Book now

Airline policies prohibit us from posting our corporate ticket prices online. To request ticket prices, tell us your flight plans and we'll be in touch with pricing.

If you're flexible, that's even better! Send us your desired destination and dates, and we'll send our best flight deals for your trip.

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