American Airlines Platinum Pro Status Upgrade

American Airlines Platinum Pro Status Upgrade

Direct upgrade — valid for 4 months
  • Completing minimum flight miles, segments, spend, or other challenges to receive status not required
  • Applied to your existing American AAdvantage account within 10-20 business days
  • Texas-based customer support
Benefits include:
  • First class upgrades on North American flights
  • First class upgrades for you + one companion
  • Upgrades confirmed 72 hours before departure
  • Main Cabin Extra on all flights
  • Flagship Lounge access on international flights
  • oneworld First & Business lounge access internationally
  • 3 free checked bags
  • 80% bonus miles
  • Priority check-in, boarding, and security line access
  • oneworld Emerald status
  • First class upgrades on Alaska Airlines flights
  • Most benefits apply on Alaska Airlines flights
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How long will it take to receive my Platinum Pro status?

After your purchase, your status upgrade will begin processing within one business day. We'll send you an email confirmation when processing begins.

Your account will be upgraded within 10-20 business days of purchase.

How long will my Platinum Pro status be valid for?

Your status is valid for 4 months from the date on which it is processed on your account.

After 4 months, how can I renew my status?

To renew your Platinum Pro status, we'd love your business again.

Due to American Airlines system limitations, we can’t apply this direct upgrade to the same AAdvantage account multiple times, so the renewal must be applied to a new AAdvantage account that we'll create for you. You'll simply maintain Platinum Pro status on a different AAdvantage account number.

Am I guaranteed to receive all the posted benefits on every flight?

That depends! For perks that rely on space being available on the plane, like first class upgrades, you’ll receive the upgrade if complimentary upgrade seats are available to status-holders.

You’ll always receive other perks, like free checked bags and lounge access, as long as you hold status.

Is this a status match challenge?

This upgrade is not a status match, but is processed similar to a status match on American Airlines's back-end systems. This means you may extend the duration of your status by meeting American Airlines's public status match challenge requirements. For more information on this method to extend your status, please get in touch!

If I've already had a status match on my American AAdvantage account, am I eligible to purchase this upgrade?

Because this upgrade is processed similar to a status match on American Airlines's back-end systems, if you have already had a status match, we're unable to apply this upgrade to your existing account.

However, we can automatically create a new American AAdvantage account for you, which we're able to upgrade. You'll simply receive Platinum Pro status on a different AAdvantage account number. For more information, please get in touch!

Where does my upgrade come from?

We partner with corporate travel management agencies to process your status upgrade. Your upgrade comes from benefits in agreements sold by airline brands to our partner agencies.

What do I need to do to receive my status?

After submitting your account information, you're done! Your purchase includes a direct upgrade to Platinum Pro status on your American AAdvantage account.

Completing a minimum number of flight miles or segments, meeting a minimum spend, or meeting any other challenge to receive the upgrade is not required.

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